TSSG Automotive Cybersecurity Expertise 
  • Providing frameworks for automated penetration testing and risk characterization of vehicular control networks (CANBUS, MODBUS, DSRC) and automative embedded systems.
  • Applying innovative cybersecurity technologies e.g. blockchain to connected transportation systems for data integrity validation, enhanced resiliency,situational awareness
  • Testing cyber automative systems to identify and mitigate critical points of failure, support adherence to automotive safety standards.
  • Connected vehicle and infrastructure technologies.
  • SME in development and testing of V2V systems.
  • Applying offensive security methods and expertise to quantify and improve the security posture of current and future cyber automotive systems.
  • Applying of modelling and simulation, red teaming and reverse engineering SME to support secure development and testing of developing and deployed systems.
TSSG CPTB - Analysis
  • Cyber security Analysis
  • Network Monitoring
  • Visualization
  • Modelling
  • Analyzing Data

Threat Surface Solutions Group, Inc (TSSG) is a partnership of premier cybersecurity companies (Acquired Data Solutions, Eagle Network Solutions, & Ramparts Security). TSSG provides cohesive solutions through the member companies’ collective depth and breadth expertise.

TSSG is a proactive cybersecurity/penetration systems integration company providing combined solutions that mitigate the cyber risk of products, drone detection, IT Networks and IoT/IIoT devices.

TSSG achieves innovative solutions by combining our collective expertise and past performance:

  • Drone Detection
  • Penetration Testing
  • Systems Integration
  • Cybersecurity and IoT Standards