TSSG is a partnership of premier cybersecurity companies Acquired Data Solutions & Ramparts Security
  • Threat Surface Solutions Group (TSSG) is a Virginia based cybersecurity services company serving the commercial automotive industry, federal and local governments, and consumer IoT industry worldwide. TSSG offers unique comprehensive solutions to protect connected devices such as IoT products and Industrial IoT (IIoT) systems from malfeasant exploitation, mitigating the liability of manufacturers and protecting consumers from catastrophic loss.
  • TSSG was founded as a conglomeration of two Washington DC Defense Contractors Acquired Data Solutions, Ramparts Security & IT Security entrepreneur Kevin Anderson.
  • With a combined 70 years of Federal ExperienceTSSG designed a unique IoT test platform, the "Cyber Physical Test Bench" (CPTB), a cyber solution that has the unique ability to analyze up to 500,000 IoT devices and/or flows simultaneously. TSSG provides state of the art Network Risk Assessments and Red Team services to enable our customers to make justified investments in cybersecurity based on our proprietary methods of exposure-based risk impact assessment.

Core Competencies

Our knowledge and expertise in Cybersecurity, Testing and Network Risk Assessment standards and processes allows us to ensure the efficient evaluation and procurement of best-of-breed Information Security technologies by government agencies of any size.


Cybersecurity Physical Test Bench

Network Risk Assessment

Network Automation and Testing

Network Recovery

IoT/IIoT Pen Testing

Drone Detection

Automotive Pen Testing

Cybersecurity Assurance Program TSSG CAP assesses the product and the organization

TSSG platform incorporates the proven NIST cybersecurity framework

NIST’s cybersecurity framework outlines technical criteria for testing and evaluating the security of products and systems that are network-connectable

Product Assesment
The absence of any known vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and known malware in the assessed product

The presence of applicable security controls
Organizational Assessment Based on NIST cybersecurity
Industry-specific processes, such as the application of risk management, Quality management system and software life cycle processes

Additional criteria such as Patch management and Secure Development Life Cycle

TSSG Cyber Solutions Platform
TSSG has designed a unique IoT test platform the “Cyber Physical Test Bench” (CPTB). The CPTB is the only solution in the cyber realm in its ability to analyze up to 500,000 nodes/IoT devices and/or flows simultaneously in an integrated service solution
TSSG Network Risk Assessment (NRA) services are unique to the CPTB, TSSG utilizes a myriad of tools dependent upon end user requirements. The resultant NRA solution is a tailored, comprehensive, turnkey cybersecurity mitigation platform.
TSSG provides a Managed Security Services Platform (MSSP) to our customers. TSSG as a MSSP shall monitor, IT infrastructure/network ecosystems on a 24/7 basis.


Meet Our Team
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